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I have spent this morning reading your booklet An Introduction to Psychic Awareness and can only say I am mega-impressed. It is so comprehensive and informative. It is also deep and offers such wisdom, insight and understanding. It is beautifully written and so clear and balanced in what it is saying. I seriously could not dream of offering any thoughts as to how it could be improved. I will read it again – and then probably again - as I am well aware that it contains so much and therefore one reading will not be sufficient to glean from it all that one can. I love the way you have included words of the saints, the beautiful prayers you have chosen and also the chapter from Father Robert Llewelyn. My word, there is just so much in this. I am so grateful you have sent this to me to read. It is invaluable. E M.
I begged the Lord to help me, slowly I started to heal...He showed his love in gentle ways, and spoke to me through Neil. M.
A HUGE thank-you for all your support and prayers on my amazing journey. I really appreciate your discernment and guidance. With love, D.

I have enjoyed reading your website and especially learnt something from the introductory explanation about the healing ministry. With best wishes from Fr Mark
A really helpful website. Clear and simple. I'm sure that it will help to develop Sozein's ministry. David
I have visited Neil at Sozein many, many times over the past 25 years and he has cared for me in every way; emotionally, physically (through homeopathy), spiritually and mentally. Nothing I can say would recommend him highly enough....go and find some peace and healing for yourself. Neil, I have just looked through your new website - wow! Such an improvement giving all the information clearly.
The quotes are an excellent idea as is the access to the books. It’s easy to get around and the photos are really good as we can see the peaceful surroundings for ourselves. The resources and downloads are really helpful. Alison
I decided to consult Neil about a chronic illness that left me under-weight and with a very poor digestive system. The consultations were conducted in an environment of peace and calm and I found the remedies simplicity to take. In my case the remedies worked on a deep level on the problem which was causing the physical illness. Thanks to homeopathy I am now a healthy weight and can enjoy all my favourite foods again! S D
I have several illnesses one of which is permanent and chronic. Homeopathy treats me on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, addressing the underlining causes of illness. It complements what I receive from the GP and specialists giving me a quality of life that conventional medicine alone has been unable to give. My experience of homeopathy has been entirely positive. ACS
I have received Homeopathic treatment from Neil for Multiple Sclerosis over the past year. This unpleasant regressive neurological illness has attacked my body over the past 20 years. Neil and I agreed to tackle and concentrate on one of the several complex and particularly unpleasant destructive symptoms affecting my bladder. I have to say that over the period of time that I received Homeopathic treatment from Neil my symptoms have improved considerably and continue to do so. Praise the Lord!
Go and visit Neil at Sozein! He's all about holistic healing, and knows what he's talking (and praying) about. He'll help you cut through the nonsense to find the stillness - where you can begin again in peace. Charlie
I have just had a look at your new web site and think it is excellent, clear cut, so simple and straightforward to navigate. I just love the classic quotes, especially William Law. Everything I find interesting. Your homepage has definitely gone into my favourites box for frequent future use. Victoria