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About Us

Sozein is the result of an idea given the Revd Neil Broadbent concerning the healing work of the Church. Neil is an Anglican priest who served in parishes for six years. During this time, he became convinced that the mission and ministry of the church should reflect the mission and ministry of Christ himself. Jesus walked the earth proclaiming a message of reconciliation between God and people, a reconciliation that was demonstrated in the large number of acts of healing that Jesus performed. For Jesus, becoming part of God's Kingdom was not about keeping rules and obeying laws, but about being whole, being the people God intended us to be.

This message is as true today as it was when Christ preached it. God desires to be reunited with his people and to make them whole. God's healing and wholeness is available to all people. As a result Neil set up Sozein, a non-denominational charity dedicated to supporting individuals and churches as they seek healing and wholeness for themselves and as they seek to bring healing and wholeness to others.

The word Sozein is a verb from the Bible signifying the setting free, delivering from danger, making safe and healing of people. It refers to God’s work on behalf of us all. It leads to making whole, thus making holy.


The new residential library is open to Clergy of all denominations, members of religious orders, lay-readers, ordinands and serious readers.

See our page on mission for further details.