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Edifying insights from Christian mystic writers, that is from the men and women whom God has revealed himself to most fully. They lived extra-ordinarily close to God and one might call them God's intimates.'The mystics are men and women who insist that they know for certain the presence and activity of that which they call the Love of God', as Evelyn Underhill wrote.

If you are new to the Christian mystical tradition, you may wish to start here:


The book Learning to Love is an introduction to the Christian faith, written for absolute beginners, from the mystical viewpoint.

The mystics tell us of the real and actual presence of God in and through all life. They tell us that life is a process of becoming: becoming more fully human and so more divine, more like Jesus, that this process is inexorable and ultimately unstoppable, that our part is always to choose to cooperate with God's will for us. His will is proclaimed to us through the events of our everyday life. Our struggles are of turning from hubris towards prayerful dependence upon supernatural love in our everyday circumstances.

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